We can better manage our own affairs, Yorkshire First candidate tells #LeedsHacks

Yorkshire based political party, Yorkshire First, officially released their party manifesto for the upcoming general election in York this week.

The party is campaigning for Yorkshire to have its own directly elected parliament as well as a single police force for the region. The party argues that Yorkshire has a population larger than Scotland and an economy twice the size of wales but does not have the powers equivalent to either.

LeedsHacks reporter Joe Turton was in York for the manifesto launch on Wednesday (25 February). We spoke to him live for our #LeedsHacks radio bulletin:

Yorkshire First parliamentary candidate for Shipley, Darren Hill, spoke to Leeds Hacks about regionalism affecting Yorkshire. He told us that central government may have a different vision of what regionalism should be. Darren sees the future of Yorkshire as a place where towns should be invested in. Areas that have previously seen degeneration since their industries stagnated should again be given the resources to prosper. City states may be beneficial to central government but are they as beneficial for the region as a whole?

Originally published to Leeds Hacks – March 2015

Photo courtesy of Adam Wyles via Creative Commons


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