Two men sentenced at Leeds Crown Court to life imprisonment for murder

Today two men were sentenced at Leeds Crown Court to life imprisonment for the killing of one man and the injuring of another.

Naseer Kahn, 23, and Abdullah Ullah, 24, were involved in a drug deal that turned violent, resulting in the death of 21 year old Pawel Matras at a house in Blue Hill Crescent, Wortley, on 8 November last year.

The incident occurred after Ullah and Kahn had arranged to travel to the city from London to purchase around £10,000 worth of cannabis from Pawel Matras. Investigations concluded that the pair never intended on paying for the goods, and were armed with a semi-automatic hand gun which they hoped would intimidate the 21 year old into handing over the drugs.

The court heard that a warning shot was fired as an initial scare tactic after a violent fight broke out. Khan shot Pawel dead and proceeded to shoot his brother, Zedislaw, in the stomach severely injuring the 32 year old.

Both Khan and Ullah received a life sentence for their crimes with a minimum of 34 years imprisonment which the judge ensured the offenders would serve. The defence pointed out both men had claimed they were sorry for their crimes, to which the judge replied: “Sorry because he is going to go to prison for a very, very long time.”

The judge described the pair as lacking humanity, two evil and dangerous men, concluding the case by saying: “You have left a dreadful legacy of sadness. You won’t care about that. You are only concerned about yourselves. You have shown no remorse.”

Originally published to Leeds Hacks – February 2015


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